Learning Objectives

  • Incorporate user feedback into your next project


Your product designs/first iteration


When we build products, we build them for someone to use. The best way to ensure that the features, design or functionality makes sense is by asking the user’s opinion.

As a technical person, this also allows you to talk to non-technical people who understand the business, the process and the problem you are trying to solve.

However, ensure you don’t rush off and try to implement everything a user tells you. You cannot solve all problems in a day, so use their input to amend anything going in the wrong direction and add new ideas to your backlog for future prioritisation.


Talk to users (60 minutes)

Goal: Collaborate with non-technical stakeholders

The below is a reference for you and your team to consider during your user research.

Identify the users

  • Identify between 2 - 5 users of your products
  • Try to be diverse (for example, different sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.)

The research

  • Share the briefing you received with the user beforehand.
  • Demo your product to them.
  • Ask them: “What are your thoughts?” or some generic questions. If you need to ask more questions, ensure they are open.
  • Make notes of their input and ask why they need this. Understanding the why will give you insight into what their problems are.
  • Thank them for their time and ask if they could talk to you again next week.

The outcome of the research

  • Compile the feedback
  • Share it with your team on your Slack channel
  • Define which changes you will make. These should become tickets on your board. (Remember: not every feedback has to be incorporated in your MVP)