Learning Objectives

  • Prepare a presentation for a product pitch as a team


Watch this video about public speaking skills to improve your presentation skills.


Being part f a product team is about teamwork and delivering working software that gives value to the user. An important aspect is selling your product, the same way you market yourself when searching for a job.

Work in a team on how all of you will present your product.


Creating the presentation (120 minutes)

Goal: Prepare a presentation for a product pitch as a team

You will create a 5-minute long presentation about:

  • Your product’s brief (what is your MVP, who are your users, what is the value, etc.)
  • How have you worked together so far
  • How have you managed conflicts within your group
  • What would your barriers be if you were to build this product in real life
  • How would you overcome those barriers to successfully launch your product

Share your presentation (e.g. PowerPoint slides, Word doc, hand-made poster, etc.). on your project board.

Practice presenting (60 minutes)

Goal: To practice presenting your product

Presentation format:

  • Each team will have 5 minutes to present
  • Everyone in your group should get a chance to speak; some of you may talk longer and some shorter

Identify which content/slides will be delivered by whom in the team.

Practice present, give each other feedback, review it and practice again:

  • is the presenter’s communication clear
  • is the presenter’s body language aligned with what they are saying
  • can the team keep time to 5 minutes (this includes the time to get the presentation up and running)