Learning Objectives

  • Describe 2 methods to improve resilience


Trainees will work in pairs.


Resilience is about bouncing back when things don’t go to plan. Life isn’t fair, and you won’t always be successful. Things change. But you can learn to face these challenges.

  • You can be proactive in taking action to deal with challenges.
  • Look for positive opportunities arising from bad news.
  • Stay in touch with people who can help you face challenges.
  • Reserve downtime to recover the energy to keep going.
  • … and other strategies.


You are here (20 minutes)

Goal: Think positive and find areas where you need to be resilient

Work in pairs:

  1. Tell your partner something positive that happened earlier today.
  2. Tell your partner something that you find challenging in your life.
  3. Tell your partner about things you do to relax and how much “downtime” you have.
  4. Describe a changing topic in the world around you that you could either ignore or pro-actively deal with.
  5. Identify an activity you were reluctant to do (or do again) because you might fail. What is the worst that could happen?

Resilience scenarios (20 minutes)

Goal: Recognise opportunities in challenges

Work in pairs. Consider each of the following scenarios. For each, discuss with your partner:

  • Feelings you would have from the immediate situation.
  • Positive opportunities arise from it.
  • What you could do next.
  • How your friends could help you deal with this.


  • You have been rejected from a job application when you thought you had an excellent chance.
  • Your landlord told you to leave your home and find somewhere else.
  • A relative who had been terminally ill for years and needed lots of care has died.
  • Your manager thinks you are the only team member who can handle some tasks and assigns too much work to you.
  • You are offered two jobs of your dreams, both at a surprisingly good salary.

Lessons Learned (10 minutes)

Goal: Share your tips and speak in public

  • Work as a whole class.
  • Share ideas and experiences on how to be resilient. Everybody should speak.