Learning Objectives

  • Develop a presentation about your team’s achievements
  • Collaborate with your team to have content that any non-developer can understand


Access to Google slides


The demo is done to the product team and various stakeholders. In our case, it will be to your cohort and all volunteers.

We expect you to watch all other demos and ask questions or give feedback.

The demo aims are to:

  • Demonstrate the incremental progress towards your goal to all your stakeholders (other teams, users, volunteers)
  • Share learnings and gather feedback from other people facing similar challenges to you
  • Practice feeling comfortable speaking in front of larger groups


Develop your presentation (60 minutes)

Goal: Develop a presentation about your team’s achievements

Your demo should be no longer than 5 minutes. This means you need to be clear and concise on the slides.

  1. Create a copy of this deck
  2. Update the content on each slide wherever you see
  3. Keep the content short (and sweet!)
  4. Decide what you can demo - it’s great if this is something visual, like frontend changes, but it can also be technical, e.g. “this is how we set up the database”
  5. Decide who will speak - it’s important everyone in the team takes a turn
  6. Practice! Your update should take no longer than 5 minutes