Learning Objectives

  • Identify groups of people with similar availability that can work together


Open the group spreadsheet and create a new tab called “React.”


Interacting with diverse groups fosters empathy, enhancing interpersonal skills for handling others effectively. So focus on grouping with people you might have yet to interact with so much.


Create groups for the next module's group work. (10 minutes)

Goal: Create groups for the next module’s group work.

These are the tasks that must be completed. Organise yourselves so that not only one person is doing this.

  1. You must consider trainees’ availability.
  2. You must consider how many hours of coursework or prep work has to be done in groups.
  3. You then can define the groups (look for diversity, so people that haven’t 
  4. worked together should give it a go, ensure you don’t have gendered groups, etc.)
  5. You can use this link to help you allocate people randomly.
  6. Open the existent spreadsheet for pairs/groups and create a new tab called “React” if this hasn’t been done yet.
  7. Add the groups to the “React” tab
  8. Share the spreadsheet on Slack so it is visible to everyone.