Learning Objectives

  • Find 2 suitable jobs applying search filters and techniques looking for a job opportunities on LinkedIn Job Search
  • Explain the potential advantages and disadvantages of hiring junior developers from the perspective of an Engineering Manager


Job hunting is stressful, but you are not alone in this. It’s important to have a community of people around you to whom you can turn if you need help or support. You can do that when it comes to job hunting as well. Look for jobs together and make it less stressful by doing so.


Collective job hunt (30 minutes)

Goal: To look for jobs collectively and understand why helping each other is important.

  1. In groups of 3-4 people, find at least two job opportunities

    • Use the LinkedIn Job Search
    • Search for titles that aren’t too generic but not too narrow. For example, software engineering or software developer
    • Filter down your search using the location you want the job to be in, which is probably where your cohort is.
    • The next filter could be the seniority of the role. Entry-level is most likely what you are looking for, but a mid-level might also be suitable in some cases. Explore.
    • Agency or Company: focus on finding job opportunities directly from a company instead of an agency. Especially if you have a third or second relationship with the hiring person or anyone in that company.
    • From the outcome, each person should choose one job description, read it and decide, in the group, if and why they should add (or not) this job opportunity.
  2. Add them to the form of your cohort location: South Africa, Glasgow, North West, London, West Midlands

    • Filling in the spreadsheet correctly is very important. You can do it via the form linked above or directly in the spreadsheet
    • Add the company name, not the agency
    • The company link and the job link should be from the company website, not from LinkedIn
    • Good quality data will mean everyone has a good overview of what is going on